Caroline in Resident Evil.

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hellsbellschime replied to your post “TO Ratings: Are We Surprised That They Declined? (No)”

I’m pretty sure that 1x17 got a .7, I think this is the first time TO has gotten a .6 final.

Very true! Thanks. I fixed it. But still, it seems like too much of a coincidence for the ratings to have spiked right before the crossover, and then begin to sharply decline after 5x11/1x12 when the interviews began to circulate.

It started that way from the beginning though. The first three episodes had a small increase in viewers but from that moment on every episode declined. The episode where Tyler crossed over it spiked the ratings back up and from there it decreased weekly again until the TO episode before 5x11 where it gained a lot of viewers again. Then the interviews happened, Davina died, people gave up. After that every episode steadily decreased until where we are now: 6 weeks in a row a series low.

I mean this hasn’t happened after one episode. There isn’t one reason, one fandom to blame for this, people are just tuning out. They’re losing viewers every week and I haven’t seen any other show have that. Even CW’s worst shows have rises and declines every couple of episodes. not just declines.

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Watch Our Most Beautiful Celebs Read Nice Internet Comments. (x)

I love her and her husband. I just want to go to hang out with them and watch Taran Killam’s “Call Your Girlfriend” over and over and over.

Vote for Cobie here!

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“I’m sorry. This is the first time I’ve hired a maid.”

The only woman on this movie whom I saw fit to raise a child, and she was the only one who couldn’t.


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btvs appreciation week • day two - favourite pairing or friendship: spike & joyce
      ↪ "Joyce was the only one of the lot of you that I could stand."

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Give my ask box symbols

♛ Since when you started tumblrin’?
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► Shuffled song on iTunes for you
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✎  Description of my school
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♫  Favourite singer. Male/Female
畱 Description of my family
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❥  Smoke/Drink Alcohol?
ღ Random things around me right now

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“I don’t hate you, I love you. You’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re good. And even after everything that has happened to you, you are exactly who your mother and I hoped you’d grow up to be.”

#you’re an ocean caroline forbes #do you HEAR ME #i have issues with daddy forbes for strapping his daughter down #trying to burn his truth into her skin #but this was so beautiful and so right and so needed #you’re strong you’re beautiful you’re go o d #we hear this again from another man’s lips and she isnt any closer to believing it #but more and more #she feels it#dONT LEAVE ME she says she cries she cant stop saying #but he does #she tells klaus she has closure and it’s half true #i think she ended up accepting his decision to die the same way she accepts every decision from those around her #that results in them leaving her #I DONT KNOW WHAT IM SAYING THESE GIFS ARE HURTING ME TOO MUCH TO TAG SENSIBLY

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if you seriously think that I would stay up watching tv shows until 4am you would be 100% correct
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